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Moovle is the ideal application for those who use public transport in Catania. The distinctive feature of Moovle is its ability to provide real-time information on public transport schedules, specifically AMTS (Azienda Metropolitana Trasporti) buses in Catania, including schedules, routes, and estimated arrival times at stops.

The National Project of Relevant Interest WEAK TRANSIT

WEAK TRANSIT, an acronym for "WEAK-demand areas Innovative TRANsport Shared services for Italian Towns", is an innovative project aimed at improving public transportation in inner, peripheral, and recently urbanized areas, such as those in Catania.

One of the main challenges faced in the project was the prediction of arrival times at stops, especially in weak-demand areas. Thanks to the collaboration with the Municipal Transport and Parking Company Spa of Catania, researchers from the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture have worked on the implementation and refinement of a real-time system for arrival time prediction, which has been fully integrated into Moovle.

The Heart of Moovle: Ghost Bus Algorithm

Moovle's accuracy in providing arrival times at stops is the result of an advanced algorithm specifically adapted for cities like Catania and based on static line data in standard GTFS format. The heart of this innovation is a geometric and spatial model that, in addition to using static GTFS data, analyzes the real-time location of vehicles to accurately calculate the vehicle's route and its position concerning the next stop. This is done without considering the accessory data of the Operating Center, operating through an autonomous self-learning system capable of "deducing" the vehicle's operation, or the assigned route.

After weeks of optimization and adjustments, the measurement results were surprising:

Accuracy in identifying lines
Incorrect assignments
Indefinite assignments


Real-Time Public Transport Benefits

Using Moovle offers numerous significant benefits for the citizens of Catania, including:

  1. Simple Trip Planning: Users can easily plan their trip using the application, consulting real-time bus schedules in Catania and available routes. There is no need to wait for a long time at stops, as it is possible to know exactly when the bus will arrive.

  2. Less Stress and Delays: Thanks to real-time information, users can avoid unexpected delays and organize their time more efficiently, thus reducing stress and frustrations.

  3. Greater Sustainability: By knowing exactly when the bus will arrive, users can reduce waiting time and optimize their movements, contributing to the reduction of air pollution and promoting more ecological transport.

  4. Time and Energy Savings: There is no need to search for bus schedule information on websites or call assistance lines. Moovle puts all the necessary information at your fingertips in a user-friendly application, allowing time and energy savings.

  5. Decision Support: Users can make more informed decisions about their daily activities, knowing exactly how long it will take to reach their destination. This helps simplify planning and improve the efficiency of their days.


The collaboration between Edisonweb and the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture at the University of Catania continues to bring innovation to the public transport sector, offering solutions that improve people's lives through technology. Thanks to the algorithm developed within the WEAK TRANSIT project, Moovle aspires to make Catania a more accessible, efficient, and environmentally friendly city. The constant commitment to innovation and adaptation to local needs will enable Moovle to continue evolving and improving the public transport experience for users in Catania and potentially other Italian cities.

Ultimately, the Moovle app represents a significant step forward in providing reliable real-time bus schedule information in Catania and promoting more convenient and sustainable public transportation for citizens. Try Moovle today and discover how this innovative solution can improve your travel experience with public transport.

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