Moovle - Mobility as a service

Mobility as a service

With Moovle, you can plan your trips in a simple, sustainable, and smart way, making optimal use of public transportation, sharing services, and parking planning.


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Simplicity and Completeness without Ads!

We are constantly working to make the app user experience as intuitive and enjoyable as possible.

Verified and Certified Data

We collaborate with organizations and user communities to ensure reliable data that meets the mobility needs of the areas where we are present.

Innovation and Research

We collaborate with universities in promoting research and development of solutions for sustainable and smart mobility.

Ease of Use

A user-friendly and consistent interface, designed to quickly meet the needs of travelers without sacrificing the completeness of information.

100% Ad-Free

Plan your trip without interruptions, thanks to the absence of annoying advertisements, for a pleasant mobility experience.

Many needs, one solution.

Innovate public transportation

With trip planning, updated information on schedules and routes, for greater efficiency and transparency.


Integration of different means in a single solution and combined information on parking, sharing services, and public transportation.

A concrete contribution to reducing pollution and traffic.

On-demand services

The technology to enable innovative on-demand integrated services in Moovle, for sustainable and efficient mobility solutions in areas with weak and variable demand.


Ultra-accurate Real-time Forecasts!

Our innovative system, the result of collaboration with the University of Catania, provides extremely accurate real-time arrival forecasts, allowing passengers to organize their trips more efficiently, reducing waiting times and improving the travel experience.

Version 1.5

0% Accuracy
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The Faces of Moovle

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The turnkey solution for mobility.

Moovle offers a complete MaaS solution to optimize transportation efficiency and improve the quality of urban mobility. We integrate public transportation, sharing, and parking into a single platform, making travel simpler and more sustainable.

Choose the right solution to implement Moovle in your Community. Contact us for a free consultation.



Services for integrating existing standard transportation information in GTFS format within the Moovle platform.

  • Data verification and validation
  • Import scripts
  • Open Trip Planner integration
  • Open Trip Planner integration
  • Hosting management or existing
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Conversion of existing transportation data into GTFS-RT format and full application solutions management on the cloud.

  • Data conversion to GTFS & RT
  • Open Trip Planner setup
  • Real-time flows setup
  • Predictive algorithms
  • Full management hosting
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What is Moovle?
Moovle is a free app that helps you plan smart trips in the city using public transportation services, sharing services, along with displaying parking availability.
How to get Moovle for my city?
We have developed a series of turnkey services. We offer two plans: Easy for using existing GTFS data and Full which includes converting data into GTFS-RT format and advanced cloud services.
What are the costs associated with using Moovle?
The Moovle app is free for all citizens. Costs depend on the plan chosen by the institutional customer for data management and technology platforms.
What do I need to provide to use Moovle services?
You need to provide data in GTFS format for public transport, GTFS-RT for real-time information, GBFS for sharing services. For advanced options, through the Full plan, we handle data conversion for you and provide advanced integration services for analyzing parking availability.
Can I implement the Easy plan at my hosting?
Yes, the Easy plan can be implemented at your hosting and at the same time, we can offer you the application management.